Samson (Bonus Track)

from by The Dean



Dommy Verse:

She got on all my favorite fabrics
Not a fashion addict
But I could peel off them layers to have it

Subtle she spoke
Provoke an antidote I'm feelin’ reckless
Our body's Tetris Picasso fleshes

This vodka got me
Damn you my favorite
Flavor on my tongue tryna shun
Cuz we flagrant

What's not accepted
I'm trumping groupies like
Ya fired if they not elected

They basic flaws defected
The state and laws affected

Cuz we ain't flashin’ vases
Expensive cash and watches
Music videos with bitches grabbin’ plastic crotches

Naw, we novice
A province of vets and prior bosses
Always cuttin’ losses
She stay in them goulashes

She stay in them goulashes
It’s raining outside
(Fuck you Neim, haha)


We in ya speakerbox
We in your low below
We make ya speakers knock
So let ya people know

Bounce widdit widdit

NeimaN Verse:

Hair long arms big
Like I'm doing crossfit
Opposition in my crosshair
Laura Croft shit

Bass like an elbow to yo temple
In a mosh pit
Greenery so nasty
You would think I'm smoking moss shit

Someone call the doctor
We got insurance now
Only rock and country allowed
In Erie insurance now

Fuck the hate, fuck the racists
Or anybody doubting
Ready to Ironman the Klan
Call me Robert Downey

Causing vaginal secretion
Better grab a Downey
Keep the lair secret
Creepy crabs tryna drown me

I got gills for all you crustaceans
Stay on track like locomotives
Entering Union Station

Nothing general
Electric like I'm static shock
Invest now
The Dean accumulating massive stock

The groupies gon’ be swarming
Gotta protect the cock
Delilah's selling contaminated pussy
Up and down the block

Elias Verse:

As I enter front and center
I need plenty of ‘em pouring up for proper measure

I need weed so loud
A contact high could wake up Hellen Keller
Tryna Storm a cellar
Where the finest grapes are formed under pressure
Eating Haussen Feffer

I'm the maniac
Look at how they chain react
Switch the logo on they fitted cap
When I ain't play with that

Lay some pavement on your track
Write my name in wet cement
Let that shit dry out
but you can't step to me a-fucking-gain

I come through say fuck your friends
I swear they all playing pretend
I also need a place to go
Where this shit seems to never end

Stir the damn pot boy if you saucin’
Night of the living corn balls is a upon us
And if you flossin’ I'm Bernie Sanders with Caucasus
Elias got the people to reconsider the options
Like fuck the prophet
Stop it.


We in ya speakerbox
We in your low below
We make ya speakers knock
So let ya people know

Bounce widdit widdit


from The Dean's List, released July 1, 2016
SAMPLE USED: Modest Mouse - "Horn Intro"



all rights reserved


The Dean Erie, Pennsylvania

We are the old school and the new school. Just enjoy the vibes, no matter what school you come from.

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