Closet Raps

from by The Dean

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Oh bastard you
I live in peace once I master you
In my closet writin’ raps for you
Doing whatever comes after you

Dommy Verse:

Grape grow
Keep the blunt in session
Lake flow
What dimension

Closet raps a broke car
I came far from that
To all black with a nice suspension

Notebooks mix tapes
Crew life ‘bove the wrist placed
Flannel gang was the start of it
Back a cars rap
Never on some starvin’ shit

Everybody eatin’
Blowin’ weed
Rap easy when you smokin’ tree

Man that was me
And to the day
Sippin’ Henny
Neim with the Chardonnay

The cards a play
It's hard to say
Where the garden lay

That's everyday
Fuck the pay
Fuck wit me?
We makin’ way

Nothin’ to me risin’ out the ashes
Such a sight to see like Kim K assets

In caskets
Lay ‘em out we makin’ classics
Nothin’ to me something
Jumpin’ brackets

NeimaN Verse:

Sitting in my closet
Just a common day
Alleviate the weight
Brewing on my brain

Numb wounds that proceed
To cause me pain
Block out the negatives
And create a wave

Tsunami tracks that tower Shaq
Bomb like Iraq
Make elderlies do the cabbage patch
And purchase some wax

My soul is vinyl
I zoom like Lionel cause I'm a star
Ain't got no timbos my life in limbo
Who raised the bar

Corporate jag offs
Pen let off assault
Haters know I'm seasoned
Yet they (Yet they)
Yet they're throwing salt

Got the recipe down to a tee
Early days of writing Raps in my closet
You will find me

Elias Verse:

It’s still looking like the same old city
only now I spark flame come and get me

The lake half full but it still so empty
Riding downtown on a ten speed

I take a right at the light
Never been the type to be consumed with an issue
That’s a bitch move

But lately I've thinking ‘bout a time in my life
Where the timing was right
I’d abide by the light and take a shot at the mic
Make you switch views

The natives never seen shit this true
They never had a plan they could stick to

My goals off the rip
Nothing but a west-side predator
Indebted to a culture
That ain’t his

The come up was basic
Writing raps here in the basement
Sounds like it was makeshift

Now there ain’t even peace to disturb
There ain’t enough glue in the mixture
I made something outta nothing
You ain’t frontin’ lil cousin
Repercussions are an insert

That goes to homies out in Pittsburgh
Play this at a Wharf on a Thursday night
You heard it right
Elias hit the burner twice
And still nice mothafucka check him out

I ain’t blessed up
I be blessed out
What to do with all this talent got me stressed out

The game is mess now
Nobody is listening to what matters most now!

Left all my bullshit in the past
Saved celebration to wait in the stash
Brown told me I just need to rap
But still big homie I ain’t figured out this bastard


Oh bastard you
I live in peace once I master you
In my closet writin’ raps for you
Doing whatever comes after you


from The Dean's List, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


The Dean Erie, Pennsylvania

We are the old school and the new school. Just enjoy the vibes, no matter what school you come from.

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