Braggin' Rights

from by The Dean

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All for you
For you
For you

It’s all for you
For you
For you

NeimaN Verse:

Who got the fans hands in the air
I tell you I'm an artist cause I just don't care
A quiz and my woman said I'm narcissistic
She don't care cause the bred gone rise like Bisquik

Modest as a mouse but a king like a lion
I'll be down to earth ’til the day I'm in Zion
Wings on my back like I fell from Heaven
Squad plotting moves like Ocean's 11

It take risks to be at the top spot
Gamble your life and make sure the streak hot
Don't crap out no submission and no tap-out
Go hard at shows till you blackout

The light started illuminating me
Now the clique bound to shine
You just wait and see


Cause it’s all for you
For you
For you

It’s all for you
For you
For you

It is all for you
For you
For you

It’s all for you
For you
For you

Dommy Verse:

Said who’s high
Put ya hands down
Young man, this ain't fly

This ain't Pretty Ricky shit
Nothing you get jiggy with
Nothing that my city spit
This a blue sky

Blank canvas
New lines in these blank stanzas
Premature pullin’ blank hammers
Deep police scanners

Three deep with some heat
Put a price on they cleats
Better keep cameras
No sleep manners

Through it all
But the homie said it’s all for you
Paint it blue
Faintness of some grape too

Black ’n’ mild I’mma mix it with that Sunzu
Old thoughts from a young view

Tryna keep expression
All this talent, homie
Peep progression
Y’all can keep it in the sleepin’ session

Too high for ya fake ass lies
Tryna push these vibes
Through ya speaker section

Elias Verse:

And eat this erection
Glide in a ride with a beast inflection
I seek the peace with freaks costice

Leave the beach without a rinse of the feet
Now me and Mr. Sandman are locked between a dream

I was keen wide-eyed with a goal
If Only ain't a name
It's a dice when I roll

Gamble on the chance
To just handle the dope
Then make a lot cash
And go out of control or get comfortable

Shaping the game like pottery of a Native American saying “How”
Mothafucka’s flow is this proficient and how
People really tuning in like CNN how

When can I just run up on him
Get my 15 minutes
If you really want to get it
Better get it right now

I been waiting patient hasty for these vegan-ass rappers
To really start grazing on my damn cash cow
And that sound like

Oh when life hands you lemons
Debating hell and heaven
And pissing off all the reverends

Nothing compelling ‘bout your baggy life
You’re wearing tight mo'fucka
I deserve some damn braggin' rights

And I sacrifice


Cause it’s all for you
For you
For you

It’s all for you
For you
For you

It’s for you baby (x8)


from The Dean's List, released July 1, 2016



all rights reserved


The Dean Erie, Pennsylvania

We are the old school and the new school. Just enjoy the vibes, no matter what school you come from.

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